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Smart Pie 5 16" Front

€ 611.08
Manufacturer: Golden Motor
Shipping fee: € 28.19
Average Rating: Not Rated
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  • Smart Pie 5 motor
  • Built-in Sine Wave controller Vector Control
  • All-in-one integrated Cable
  • Waterproof Thumb or Twist Throttle with Battery gauge
  •  Brake levers
  • Cruise control button


  • Max phase current: 50A
  • Continuous current: 18A
  • Open voltage: 20-60V
  • Rated power: 200-400W


  • Bluetooth wireless connection !!
  • Upgraded GM Speedometer display on Cell Phone/iPad available for Android/IOS!(FREE software)
  • Upgraded Sine Wave controller with true vector control. Highest Reliability 
  • Parameter Programmable
  • Higher Torque & Higher Efficiency
  • Lower noise levels
  •  True temperature sensor inside and Lower overheating
  • Regenerative braking
  • Support 6/7-speed thread freewheel
Front or Rear Front
Size 16"


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