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Magic Pie Edge 16" Front

€ 673.23
Manufacturer: Golden Motor
Shipping fee: € 28.19
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The Magic Pie Edge With Sine Wave Bluetooth Controller

At 48 Volts the Edge is a 500 Watt motor. This is a great power level for most riders.  The Edge delivers smooth & silent power.  The Edge has great torque and you will be at cruise speed in seconds.  The Edge has the latest Vector Sine Wave and Bluetooth Technology for connecting your smartphone. You can wirelessly connect your smart phone & use as a speedometer & view power and battery life remaining. You can also program your E-bike with a Windows PC a Golden Motor USB Cable. This is the future!



  • MagicPie EDGE motor 
  • Built-in Sine Wave controller Vector Control
  • All-in-one integrated Cable
  • Waterproof Thumb or Twist Throttle with Battery gauge,
  • Brake levers,
  • Cruise control button
  • Built in fan with improved heat dissapation


  • Max phase current:  60A
  • Continuous current: 21A
  • Open voltage: 20-60V
  • Rated power: 200-500W


  • Bluetooth wireless connection !!
  • Upgraded GM Speedometer display on Cell Phone/iPad available for Android/IOS!(FREE software)
  • Upgraded Sine Wave controller with true vector control. Highest Reliability 
  • Parameter Programmable
  • Higher Torque & Higher Efficiency
  • Lower noise levels
  • True temperature sensor inside and Lower overheating
  • Regenerative braking
  • Support 10-speed thread freewheel
Front or Rear Front
Size 16"


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