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RCD Display EVO2 - EV Edition

€ 1,385.01
Manufacturer: MechatroMotive
Shipping fee: € 4.71
Loyalty points available to receive: 5000
Average Rating: Not Rated
Availability: Orderable


The RCD Display was developed to meet the specific needs of motorsport and to fulfill every driver’s special desire. The dashboard communicates with the engine control unit, and it is able to display car and engine parameters and values measured by external sensors as well. EVO 2 represents the new generation of motorcar displays. Check the technical information to learn more about it.

Main features:

  • 800×480 resolution, 7″ LCD with configurable auto brightness
  • Configurable number of screens, with editable content
  • Easy customization, data download and software update with PC software through Ethernet interface
  • Easy run time control with durable navigation panel
  • Lots of freely configurable RGB LEDs on the top and sides for RPM, ECU data, status, warning and error display with configurable auto brightness
  • Logging feature with large storage space (more than 24 hours), configurable update rate, and variable list
  • ECUs can be connected through CAN or RS232 GPS with integrated antenna and connector for external active antenna as well
  • Accelerometer
  • Android application for real time monitoring, connected through Bluetooth interface
  • Multilevel, user configurable warning system with logging feature, warnings can be displayed on LCD and RGB LEDs
  • External, configurable sensor interfaces for easy sensor connectivity


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