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Magic Controller 100A 24-48V Programmable

Manufacturer: Golden Motor
Shipping fee: € 2.75
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Model: BAC-0501  

  • Cruise/Regen Controller, Programmable !
  • Multi-Voltage of 24V/36V/48V/60V(MAX)
  • Continuous current: 50A
  • Max current: 100A
  • Rated output power: 2000W
  • Weight: 1.5kgs/unit
  • PC Programmable
  • Regen Braking

Special Features:

  • Cruise Speed Control
  • Motor hall sensor failure redundency (Automatically switch to sensorless control)
  • Anti-theft alarm and wheel-locking by detection of vibration
  • Other failures redundency (Work with failed throttle and power breaker)
  • You can force it to work with higher voltages (e.g 24V controller can drive 36V and 48V motors)
  • Report failure components by beeps
  • Motor phase self detection and calibration
  • Support Forward and Reverse Control
  • Excessive Current Protection
  • Low V oltage Protection
  • High Reliability
Voltage 24-48V


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