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BMS 24S 72V 200A

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Voltage Balancing Voltage 3.60±0.025V
Current Balancing Current - each cell 140±10mA
Static Current-each cell ≤20µA
Maximum Charge Current 30A/50A/100A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 30A/50A/100A
Charging Over Voltage Protection - each cell Charging Over Voltage Protection Detecting 3.90±0.025V
Charging Over Voltage Detecting Delay Time 0.5S-2S
Charging Over Voltage Protection Release 3.80±0.05V
Discharge Under Voltage Protection - each cell Discharge Under Voltage Protection Detecting 2.00±0.05V
Discharge Under Voltage Protection Delay Time 115mS - 173mS
Discharge Under Voltage Protection Release 2.0±0.05V
Over Current Protection Over Current Detection Voltage 0.65V
Over Current Detection  
Over Current Detection Delay Time 5mS - 20mS
Over Current Protection Release To disconnect load and recover automatically
Short Circuit Protection Short Circuit Protection Delay Time 200µs - 500µs
Short Circuit Protection Release To remove the short circuit and recover automatically
Impedance Protection Circuit(Mosfets) ≤20mΩ
Temperature Working Temperature -40°C - +85 °C
Storage Temperature -40°C - +125 °C


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