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Contactor 12V 200A

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Contact Ratings 
Contact Form 1H 
Contact circuit Voltage and loading current(resistant) 12VDC Max 200A 
20+-5C cold state max motion voltage(VDC) Pick-up <=70% of rated voltage 
Drop-out 5%-30% of rated voltage 
Machanical life(Min.) 100,000 Ops 
Electrical life(Min.) 50,000 Ops 

Coil Ratings 
Max coil current under the rated voltage 1.5A 
With 20+-5C cold state starting coil max current 

Insulation Resistance 100Mohm Min. 
Dielectric strength Between Contacts 2000VAC. 
Between coil and contacts 1500VAC. 
Environment temperature and attitude -40C - +85C; 0-20000m 
Max relative humidity 98% 
The shocking of fixed point 1 Frequency(11Z) 10-200 
Acceleration(g) <3.5 
Shocking Speed(time/min.) 60-100 
Acceleration(g) 4 
Constant acceleration 8 
Operation regulation Continue 
Installation direction Random.

Current 200A


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