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DC-DC Converter 72V 13,5V 400W 30A

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Yellow: Input Positive(1.5mm2)
Red: Output Positive(4mm2)
Blue: Input Negative(1.5mm2)
Black: Output Negative(4mm2)
Orange: Key Switch(0.75mm2)

Dimensions: 196mm(L)*140mm(W)*66mm(H) 
Input voltage: DC 72V 
Output voltage: DC 13.5V 
Operating voltage range: 67V-84V 
Output current: 30A 

Battery reversed connect protection
No arc
Can be controlled by key switch directly, no need of external relay
Over temperature protection, shut down at 90°C
Output short protection 
Isolate between input and output
Low voltage protection: stop working at low battery voltage

Input voltage 72V
Output voltage 13.5V


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