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CellLog 8S

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Lithium (LiPo/LiIo/LiFe) battery cell count

2 – 8 series

Pack voltage range

4.0 – 43.0VDC 
(USB can provide lower voltage 1.0V)

Alarm pack voltage range

0.1 – 4.3VDC

Cell voltage range

1.3 – 4.9VDC

Alarm cell voltage range

1.3 – 4.9VDC

Voltage display resolution


Current loading of test


Maximum voltage for alarm port


Current drain for alarm port


Log Files storage

16Mbit (36 hours)

Sample logging time interval

2 seconds

PC Connect

USB port



Dimensions (L *W * D)



External controls and connections:



Special features:

  • Small size with multiple functions, backlight 128*64 lattices LCD and Buzzer Tone Reminder; the interface can be operated smoothly.
  • CellLog 8S can not only measure 2-8S Li battery individual voltage, but also measure NiMH, NiCd, Pb battery pack voltage.
  • It can be set Individual Voltage Alarm and Pack Voltage Alarm, Overvoltage Alarm, Low Voltage Alarm, Differential Voltage Alarm and Time Over Alarm. What’s more, the extra alarm output can be linkage controlled by the users.
  • It has 8 sets default monitor alarm settings, which can be selected for different battery packs.
  • CellLog 8S has been 100% calibrated before it enters to the market, at the same time, it supports the calibration by users themselves.
  • CellLog 8S has a 16Mbit flash storage, which can log offline data in 36 hours. 
  • Support upgrading the hardware program by USB port. The CellLog 8S also supports the “logview” software and can display, plot and analyze the charge and discharge data by it. (See detail information about logview in the following website: http://www.logview.info)

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